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7 Great Ways To Use Your Professional Florist

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You may not have given much thought to your local florist – with the exception of those Mother’s Day or last minute anniversary flowers.

However, did you know that there’s a lot more to your professional florist than just providing you with the occasional bouquet 🙂

To give you some food for thought, here’s my top 7 ways you can use your local florist….

1. Much More Than Just A Local Florist Shop

Your local florist can offer you so much more than just flowers.  Your local florist will carry all sorts of crafting, party and decorating materials and supplies including ribbons, cellophane, balloons, tissue paper, oasis blocks and more that can be used for all sorts of purposes.  Whether you’re looking to wrap gifts or create something special for your home, you’ll find what you need at your florist.

2. Turbo Charge Your Special Occasions

When you typically think about dressing a room for a party, you think of banners, balloons and table confetti right?  Have you thought about flowers?  Like you would for a wedding, your florist can provide you with some great flower displays to make your special occasion even more special, at a budget and theme to suit your requirements.  I love flower bottles and pretty draping foliage – both will give your guests that wow factor and are great value for money.

3. Create Floral Centrepieces for Family Dinners

Whether you’re getting the family together for a Sunday roast or you’re cooking a special dinner for friends, a stylish floral centrepiece could add the perfect elegant finishing touch and set the tone for your dinner.  Your florist can create a spectacular design that will be a fab and memorable talking point – for all the right reasons.

4. Decorate Your Home To Perfection

I love helping our clients and often spend time advising on the perfect way to dress your home with flowers.  We talk about long-lasting displays as well as seasonal varieties in order to keep your home looking fresh and beautiful all year round.  Some floral displays can truly make your house feel like a home. A professional florist will be delighted to advise you on the best colours and varieties to match your décor for a co-ordinated theme that will look like it’s straight from a glossy magazine.

5. Plant Care Advice and Floristry Lessons

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to arrange your flowers, create wreaths or even just learn how to care for your flowers better, then your local florist will have all the answers.

Did you know to become a Professional Florist it takes as long as becoming a qualified Accountant!  It takes several years of technical training (I left the Island aged just 16 to start Agricultural College !)… followed by real life, on the job experience before you can call yourself a Professional Florist… so make the most of knowing these lovely people and utilising their talents! Workshops are such a fun way to learn a new skill alongside a professional and just try out something creative and new in a safe environment.  From flower arranging workshops to over the counter advice, your florist will be a fountain of knowledge for all of your flower needs.

6. An Easy Trick For Selling Your Property

If you’re trying to sell your property, then one way to boost its appeal is to have it professionally staged by your florist. Your Florist will be able to deliver tasteful floral displays for each room which will help create a welcoming impression. From tropical plants for your conservatory through to beautiful table centrepieces and pretty windowsill posies – taking the time to add a special touch to your home could be the thing that appeals to your potential buyers and give your property the edge.  Homeowners like to imagine a house as they would live in it, so flowers are a great way to bring that idea to life.  They also smell beautiful 🙂

7. Create Hampers And Other Gifts

Flowers aren’t always everyone’s cup of tea, but your local florist will have plenty of other great gift ideas for all occasions.  From fruit baskets to luxury hampers filled with wine, chocolate and other indulgent treats, there are plenty of alternative gift ideas to flowers which your florist can offer.

It’s worth popping into your local florist from time to time to see exactly what they can offer you.  Pinterest and other websites are great sources of inspiration for what you can do with flowers, and if it’s been done before, we’re sure we can do it again.  Now that you know exactly what your florist can offer, give them some thought the next time you’re planning something special.