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How To Create The Perfect Christmas Hamper


luxury-hamper-delivery-isle-of-wight-hampersIt’s that time of year again where our thoughts turn to finding the perfect gifts for the special people in our lives. But just what do you buy for the friend, family member or work colleague that has everything?

How about sending them a Christmas Hamper of festive goodies? Perhaps you could even make your own one? If you are planning on sending some home made love, here’s my guide to creating a beautiful Christmas Hamper;

1. Choose Your Theme

Christmas is of course a theme all on its own, but many hampers have more to offer than just festive fun. Perhaps you are looking for a luxury theme, full of indulgent treats your recipient would never buy themselves? Or a more personal themed hamper in their favourite colour can be great fun, showing just how well you know them. Just be careful when buying for your perfectly themed hamper that it doesn’t end up costing a small fortune.

Sparkling rose wine delivered2. To Booze Or Not To Booze

Let’s be honest, most adults appreciate a bottle of something nice under the tree, but what is the right bottle to buy? Heaven forbid you buy an expensive bottle of Merlot for a friend that only drinks Chardonnay. Or what if you present them with a rustic bottle of home grown Elderflower water, can that look a bit stingy? It can be a minefield to get it right.  My advice is decide upfront on whether you are opting to include alcohol and if you are not sure on their tastes, you can always include a bottle of red and white wine to cover off all bases!

3. Memorable Sweet Treats

Christmas is the time of year to loosen the belt buckle and over indulge. But there is always an influx of calorie heavy goodies at this time of year, so how do you make your gifted goodies stand out from the crowd?  After all, you don’t want to splash out on some seriously delicious chocolates, biscuits and sweet treats only to find that they get pushed to the back of the cupboard, or worse still, re-gifted to somebody else next year.

I try to always choose unique shapes, treats with a pretty decoration or locally sourced brands to give your hamper an extra special boost.


5. Savoury Favourites

Perhaps your recipient just doesn’t have a sweet tooth? Maybe they would prefer a hamper filled with exotic cheeses and savoury crackers instead? Creating the perfect hamper is all about pitching the right level of perfection to ensure your present is enjoyed.

I’ve found that often the very best hampers carefully balance a mix of sweet and savory to appeal to your loved ones tastes throughout the festive season.  As they say – a little bit of what you fancy is good for you… I love to include luxury cheese straws, hand-cooked crisps, salted cashews and honey coated peanuts as savory snacks they will adore.


hamper-picnic-hunter-basket6. DIY or Ordering Ahead?

handmade hamper can be a wonderful idea for those with the creative touch and the time to indulge in sourcing and selecting the perfect balance of foodie treats. Your local florist can help you source all of the sundries for your gift, from baskets to cellophane and luxury Christmas ribbons.

I always recommend to my DIY clients that they start with the hamper basket shape as this will dictate the cost of filling the basket so it looks full to the brim and will also signal the theme – particularly the choice between a modern and contemporary look.

Don’t forget though, if all those choices get a bit overwhelming …you can always turn to the experts who can plan, fill and deliver your hamper gift for you!

Here at Isle of Wight Flowers, we send carefully selected, beautifully created luxury hampers straight to your loved ones door, filled to the brim with a indulgent range of foodie treats and delicious bites. So take away the stress, and let us help find the perfect hamper for you.

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