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Romancing With Roses: How To Win Them Over With Flowers

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Let’s face it, sometimes there is no better way to win over your loved one than with a beautiful bunch of romantic flowers.  To those in the know, we applaud you, and for those that haven’t a clue, I’m here to help!

Choosing rose bouquets and romantic flowers for that special someone needn’t cause you to break out in a sweat… fortunately I’ve put together everything that you need to know about buying flowers that will wow and woo her.

So whether you’re in the dog house or have a special celebration coming up, read on and consider yourselves informed!

What Are You Trying to Say?

Knowing what you want to say is part of the battle for choosing the right romantic flowers for your special lover.  If you’ve got some making up to do then a show-stopping rose bouquet is certainly the way to do it.

For special occasions and anniversaries, a more personal display is required, perhaps containing a favourite colour or a flower that they said they loved (think back carefully – they must have said something at some point!).

If you just want to say that you love them, sometimes a single, simple but beautiful flower stem can convey so much more than you’d think. Think carefully about what is that you want to say when choosing the type of flowers.  Put it on the card message too and make it even clearer what you’re trying to say.

Creating a Great Impression

100 RED ROSES DELIVERY Who doesn’t dream of being surprised with a showstopping bouquet of 100 red roses?  Intense, striking and passionate, a display of this size is sure to catch their attention and show that you’re serious.

Presenting a large rose bouquet like this will create lasting memories and will quickly erase any bad ones that you may have caused… They’ll soon forgive you as they gush to their friends and colleagues about the beautiful gift you’ve given them.

This is certainly a great way to catch the attention of someone who you are interested in too – a statement red rose bouquet will ensure that you won’t be forgotten in a hurry. Check out our Ultimate 100 Grand Prix Rose Hand Tied bouquet for some inspiration.

red rose stems deliveryDoes Size Matter?

Not necessarily, but you can use size to your advantage.  The bigger the bouquet, the more of an impression you will make but that doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune on flowers.

I love making up beautifully wrapped single stem roses for our clients to present on a romantic evening.

When it comes to rose bouquets the flower stems themselves can be minimal provided you work with your florist to choose some gorgeous, striking varieties.  By adding in pretty foliage and with careful gift wrapping and bows, your professional florist can create the look of a larger bouquet without you having to go overboard on the flower content.

Simple arrangements featuring Pink Roses, Lilies or Orchids can make a truly beautiful bouquet which will show how much thought you’ve put into the idea.

everlasting flowers - small posies

Remember – Cost Isn’t Everything

You may think that in order to create a great impression, you will need to spend a lot of money.  However, even the smallest arrangements show that you have made the effort and that you care.  A colourful, detailed tied bunch is the perfect place to start and with the benefit of a professional touch, you can be sure to win a place in their heart.

Perhaps you want longevity – if so ever-lasting artificial flowers may be suitable if you carefully craft your romantic message to match.

If you’ve seen a design you love that is out of your budget, don’t panic – just ask us what we can do to help you create something similar on a smaller scale.  A pretty bouquet of 6 roses or a dozen red roses for example rather than 100 can still make that beautiful, romantic gesture, at a much lower price.

Romantic Flowers Are Nearly Always The Answer

Whatever you’re trying to say and whoever you are trying to romance, romantic flowers are certainly the way to do it.  You can make them as personal, as large or as small as you like in order to help make a great impression on your loved one.  Take a look at our beautiful romantic arrangements and if there’s anything you have in mind, we’d be happy to help you make their dreams come true.