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Summer Wedding Flowers – My Guide To Choosing Your Bridal Bouquet

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summer wedding flowers

There are many things which I love about a summer wedding.  Not only do those fabulous blue skies make a great backdrop for wedding photos but summer also offers an incredible selection of summer wedding flowers to add a special seasonal touch to your big day.

Wedding favourites such as peonies, iris, lilac, lily of the valley, freesia and others are all in season, making an excellent addition to your wedding bouquet or arrangements. See my summer wedding flowers inspiration below for some great ideas for seasonal flowers for your big day.

Bright, Summer Berry Shades

Flowers are often at their brightest during the summer, meaning you can pick up some vibrant pinks and purples which make truly striking bouquets and displays. I love mixing summer berry shades together such as raspberry reds and cherry purples and adding some lighter accents into the mix to add a delicate touch.

Little Pops Of Colour

Adding subtle hints of colour to your bouquet is a great way to complement your colour scheme, with plenty of choices available according to your preferences. In my wedding bouquet designs I often add some blues or cadburys purple or a pop of cerise pink to pastel themed flowers to give an extra dash of colour. Different coloured roses make excellent bridal bouquets or centrepieces and are easy to combine with the help of your florist.

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Earthy, Understated Tones

Summer weddings, especially those with an outdoor element can take advantage of earthier, natural bouquets which incorporate succulents, cornflowers, wild barley and raffia as well as classic English flowers such as garden roses. Play around with colours, adding earthy greens and blues for a beautiful summery bouquet.

colourful summer bridal bouquets isle of wightSweet, Sugary Styles

When it comes to choosing flowers for your wedding, candy coloured shades are a great way to add some flavour to your day.

Think back to your favourite sweet shop from your childhood days – all the vibrant mix of colours – sweet, sticky and delicious!

I love the idea of adding in some sunshine yellows with contrasting lilacs as well as other sweet peachy shades to create a gorgeous, bright and uplifting effect.

Seasonal Summer Wedding Flowers

With so many great flowers in season during the summer months, it would be a shame to miss out on having them at your wedding.

Bold, typical British flowers such as sunflowers, lavender, violets and others make great additions to either your bouquet or used to create some centrepieces and arrangements to decorate your venue.

Ask your professional florist about the types of summer wedding flowers they have in season and see if you can incorporate them into your theme.

bright bouquet bride
One of my recent vibrant summer bridal bouquets. Fun and uplifting for her Big Day.
pretty sunflower jam jars for wedding
Pretty sunflower jam jars for a recent summer wedding
sunflower bridesmaids posy
Statement sunflower bridesmaids posy














I adore summer flowers, and there are plenty of great options for you to create some dazzling summer bridal bouquets. If you are planning your summer wedding or you’ve felt inspired by some of the images above, give our Isle of Wight flowers store a call on 01983 756333.