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The Meaning of Flowers: My Top 10 Favourites

Freesia-flower delivery

Freesia-flower delivery

Ever wondered about the meaning of flowers? From finding the perfect flower to say ‘I love you’, to showing your friendship or even sympathy, there are many meanings associated with different types of flowers. Take a look at my top 10 flowers below to help you find the right way to show your true feelings.

1. Anthurium

purple anthurium
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Meaning ‘hospitality’, anthuriums make a great flower to feature in your hallways or office reception areas, not only providing a warm welcome to guests but adding some colour to your space too.

Anthuriums also make an ideal gift as a thank you for a dinner or hospitality you’ve been shown.

roses flower delivery isle of wight2. Rose

Of course, one of the most popular flowers to give as a symbol of romance, the rose ultimately represents ‘love’.

Different colour roses offer different meanings, with red roses symbolising ‘romance and passion’, white representing ‘innocence and purity’, pink roses representing ‘admiration and grace’, whilst yellow roses represent ‘friendship’.

If you want to really show someone that you love them, you will do well to give roses as a gift.

yellow carnation flower delivery isle of wight3. Carnation

Carnations represent ‘pride and beauty’ which makes them a popular choice for courtship.

A classic choice for those in the early stages of dating, presenting these on a date will speak louder than words. Carnations make great buttonholes for gentleman to wear on special occasions too.


luxury white oriental lily vase4. Lily

The common meaning for lilies is ‘purity’ or ‘majesty’.

As a grand and striking flower, I find Lily make an excellent gift for anniversaries or as decoration around your home, commanding attention and providing a great focal point for any room.

I love our White Oriental Lily Vase from our Luxury Collection which is a perfect statement gift, featuring a sparkly crackle vase for a stylish look.


red amaryllis flower delivery5. Amaryllis

Amaryllis represents ‘splendid beauty’. If you’re looking to make a declaration of passion or admiration for someone special than some amaryllis in a bouquet will make a statement gesture.

Contemporary in look and often given on Valentines day as an alternative to Roses, I also use Amaryllis for a statement table decoration at Christmas time. They also look great added to a winter wedding bouquet too.

6. Sweet Pea

Sweet-Peas-flower delivery
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Sweet peas, like their beautiful scent are symbolic of ‘delicate pleasure’.

Ideal for impromptu celebrations, for showing you care, celebrating an anniversary or just to show someone that you were thinking of them.



tulips flower delivery7. Tulip

The tulip stands for another ‘representation of love’ which makes it an ideal flower to give to your partner, relative, loved one.

If someone is unwell, I find Tulips make a popular and thoughtful get well soon gift.


iris blue flower delivery8. Iris

Iris means ‘my compliments’.

Irises make great thank you flowers after someone has done something for you, or are also a great flower to buy to decorate your home.

With their unique blue purple colour, I like to use Iris in sympathy tributes as when combined with white blooms they can create a cool, subtle look.

Freesia-flower delivery9. Freesia

Freesia’s represent ‘innocence’ and  I like to use Freesia featured as part of wedding bouquets and arrangements for their undeniable scent.

Freesia‘s are available in a range of colours, they make a beautiful addition to most arrangements.


Statice flowers isle of wight florist delivery10. Statice

Statice stands for ‘remembrance’ and make a fitting tribute for a funeral or to send to the relatives to express your deepest sympathies.

If you’re interested in getting further recommendations on the meaning of flowers and the most suitable flowers for your occasion, at Isle of Wight Flowers we’d be happy to help. Contact us via the website or call 01983 756333.