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Decorating Party Venues : Top Tips For Styling Success

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Bunting - Venue decoration for weddingsThere was a time when decorating party venues was a straightforward process –

…some balloons here, a sparkly banner there and you were all sorted.

But how boring!

Today thanks to our increasing love of all things homemade and stylish (and of course Pinterest and Instagram for helping us share ideas), there are plenty of great new ways to decorate your venue with style, no matter what your budget.

Take a look at my top tips on decorating venues for parties and weddings below…

bunting envelopsBring Out The Bunting

Bunting is an old classic which has made a huge comeback in recent years as the ideal addition to any party or wedding. Bunting always suits Island weddings held in rustic converted barns, lining outdoor venues and fun yurt style marquees.

What’s great about bunting is that it is readily available and is easy to make yourself if you wish.

There are plenty of ideas out there to help you make your own bunting with things that you have around your home, or pop to your local florist to pick up some crafting materials.

Milk Bottle Masterpieces

There’s something incredibly satisfying about creating something out of items which are just laying around your home, garage or even someone else’s home! Milk bottles are extremely versatile for party decoration.

You can use blackboard paint to add a new finish to your bottles making stylish vases you can write a personalised message or table numbers on. Add string and other details for cool tea light holders whilst adding some fabric and homemade decorations or ribbons turns milk bottles into cool, shabby chic table decorations. Ask around for old milk bottles, vintage champagne bottles or call us to source cute little milk bottle vases direct from Isle of Wight Flowers.

bottle collections buy flower vases

Jam Jars

Jam jars and mason jars have been the standout item this year when it comes to decorating party venues. From holding flower stems and birthday bouquets to holding lights, there are all sorts of great things that you can do with to create stylish looks on a budget. I love the idea of filling a jar with fairy lights or hanging them from the trees with tea lights to add some subtle lighting to your venue and creating a stunning scene after dark.

hanging bottle collections for flower vases

Turning Garden Junk Into Treasure

Who knew there was so much you could do with the bits and pieces lying around your garden? Old wellies, watering cans, wheelbarrows and any crates, boxes and old plant pots can easily be transformed into some spectacular garden party pieces which look chic and beautiful. Don’t underestimate your garden junk, who knows what it can be turned into?

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Decorating Party Venues With Gorgeous Accessories

Sometimes the simplest ideas make the most striking accessories for your party. From adding a simple floral detail to napkin rings and mix and match frames for a quirky seating plan. You can find plenty of great décor ideas by doing a search online and adapting ideas to suit your own tastes.  We have some fab venue decorators here on the Island from which you can hire the most amazing accessories too.

decorating party venues flowers and place settings

At Isle of Wight Flowers we pride ourselves in offering more than just floristry services. We offer the professional advice backed up with the technical know how that will get you that “wow” from your party guests.   We also run craft workshops and sell home decorations to help you plan your party with ease.