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Using Pinterest To Plan Your Wedding Flowers

Pinterest wedding flowers ideas isle of wight

Pinterest wedding flowers ideas

Pinterest is a wedding planner’s dream. Never has it been so easy to use one tool to find inspiration, ideas and even how to’s or links for absolutely everything wedding related, including your wedding flowers. I often recommend it to my brides, as it’s a great tool to gather some initial bouquet design ideas and colour combinations.

If you’re new to Pinterest or want to know more about using it to pick your wedding flowers, read my step by step guide below.  Don’t forget to check out our Isle of Wight Flowers Pinterest board too.

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is an online tool designed for bookmarking (or “pinning”) web pages, images, clips, etc to create your own virtual pin board. It is used for creating boards for various purposes such as fashion and shopping wish lists, recipe collecting, home décor tutorials and of course, wedding flowers. Everything is saved and organised into boards of your choosing, and you can search through categories and pins of other users to help you find more items that you like.

Register For An Account And Download The Apps

The first step you need to take (if you aren’t already a user), is to create an account on the Pinterest website. Your account can be linked to your Facebook and Twitter accounts to make registration simple. Once registered, you will be able to add the ‘Pin it’ tab to your browser, will which prove handy for bookmarking various images and ideas you find across the website. You may want to then download the apps for your smartphone or tablet, enabling you to pin on the move and even add your own photos when you’re out and about.

Pinterest flower education

Use Pinterest To Learn More About Flowers

Until it comes to planning your wedding, your knowledge of flowers may be completely limited – you may know what looks nice, but could you name those flowers? Fear not, Pinterest features plenty of handy pins designed to help you to identify different types of potential wedding flowers, as well as work out names of different varieties, colours etc. It’s a great way to get started and will soon help you discuss your wedding flowers like a flower pro.

Once you’re more familiar with the types of flowers that are out there, you can then go on to explore further boards incorporating colours, seasonal availability, styles as well as of course, wedding flowers to fit in with your chosen wedding theme.

Create Your Wedding Flowers Board

You may want to create boards to cover all aspects of your wedding, or add them into one. I usually recommend to my brides that you create separate boards, particularly for your wedding flowers and table decorations as you may find yourself with a lot of ideas to organise in this area. Specify the category as ‘Weddings’ which will help other users to find your pins and also ensure that you receive relevant pins in your news feed.

pew ends

Create Some Search Options

The great thing about Pinterest is that you can create searches using multiple tags to help you find pins which are closely related to what you’re looking for. For example, you can type in ‘Pew’ + ‘Ends’ + ‘Wedding flowers’ to give you examples of  wedding flower pew end designs perfect for your wedding venue. You can then pin your favourites to your flower board to help you remember what it is you like and as a reference for when it comes to speaking to your florist.

Choose What Appears In Your News Feed

Like Facebook or Twitter, Pinterest allows you to follow other users and have their pins and updates appear in your main feed. By targeting specific users who have the same interest as you, as well as accounts from your favourite wedding magazines, shops, bloggers, etc, you can discover some great pins whenever you log into your account.

flower arches

Add Your Preferences And Prices

Pinterest is perfect for helping you to budget. Through Pinterest you can add detailed descriptions of your pins, outlining the flowers involved, as well as the estimated prices of the arrangements, which are great for helping you to budget. You can even send pins to others or ask others to collaborate on your board, which is great for getting second opinions and considerations which you may have thought of yourself.

Pinterest is your secret weapon for simple, creative wedding flower planning and the perfect place to gather ideas before your formal wedding flower consultation.  Take a look at our own Pinterest account for some great ideas and floral inspiration to get you started. Happy pinning everyone!